What are the benefits of buying property in Pattaya?

«The Land of Smiles» is the name given to the sunny Kingdom of Thailand, with its good-natured inhabitants and magnificent nature. According to the 2022 ranking of the best countries for buying property, Thailand is ranked 12th. Many foreigners have already discovered business prospects in Bangkok and Phuket, and today we propose to consider the advantages of buying houses for sale in Pattaya for expats.

Pattaya – the city of dreams

Pattaya is a city of the fulfillment of desires, a real «pearl» in the real estate market of Thailand. Real estate in Pattaya is presented in the form of apartments in condos, houses with a private pool and a cozy garden, as well as stunning apartments. Visitors are pleased with the mild climate, affordable food prices, and friendly locals. The «highlight» of Pattaya is the white sandy beaches washed by clear seawater.

The real estate market is replenished with new objects, so the resort is considered one of the most promising for buying a home. Many foreigners have already purchased apartments in Pattaya to rent out to tourists. 

Pattaya «bribes» with its beauty, excellent climate, and comfortable living conditions. The resort can be safely considered promising and actively developing, which purchases the real estate in this region as a profitable investment in a brighter future. The «Land of Smiles» is saturated with positivity. The spirit of freedom and equality hovers here, so living in this amazing place is a real pleasure.

Cheap houses in Pattaya

The minimum budget you need to buy is $150,000 – 200,000 . For this money, you can find a new house or townhouse with 2 bedrooms, with an area of about 100-150 square meters. 

It will be located 5-7 km from the beach, but all the infrastructure for permanent residence will be nearby.

The site will likely be small (about 100-200 square meters). For extra money, they often allow installing a pool on it. Some complexes have shared pools and gyms.

Even inexpensive villas in Thailand are sold fully finished. Usually, they are equipped with plumbing, air conditioning, and built-in wardrobes, i.e., no need to spend money on repairs.

Houses and villas of the middle class

If you are dreaming of a spacious villa (200-300 square meters) with a garden and a swimming pool, be prepared to pay $300,000. The price largely depends on the area of the plot. You can focus on the following proportion: 3 acres – $ 300,000, 4 acres – $ 400,000, $ 7-8 acres – $ 700,000.

By the way, the last option, by the standards of Pattaya, is already a very large plot. It is extremely difficult to find a villa with 20-30 acres garden here.

The above prices apply to houses built 3-5 kilometers from the sea without a view of the water from the site. Count on the fact that the species land, and even more so, plots with access to the beach, will be many times more expensive.

Luxury villas in Pattaya

Premium villas are built near the water or in scenic mountain areas. In general, there are few of them in Pattaya, and in recent years it has become even fewer: due to rising land prices, developers are increasingly choosing to give the best plots for flats, on which they will earn more.

You need to understand one nuance regarding the view villas in the mountains. Many people think they will buy a big house with a sea view for a family vacation, and children will run around the garden and splash in the pool. In practice, this scenario will not work.

Species plots in Pattaya are located on the slopes, and the developer will not physically be able to make a large garden there. They cut off part of the soil, drive in piles, and put up a house, in front of which they pour a small concrete area with a pool and fences. This is not a family option, and there will be no lawn on which the child can play. Plus, the slopes are steep, and walking up and down will not be easy.

If you are interested in high-view houses in the mountains, count on the amount from $1-2 million. Alternatively, you can consider spacious penthouses in luxury complexes by the sea – the views will also be amazing, and the prices are about the same. At the same time: proximity to the beach, the rich infrastructure of the complex, and, if desired, freehold.

A villa right on the beach or on a hill with direct access to the sea will cost $5 million.

A villa at a hotel can be bought for $1-3 million. It will not be located on the first line (there are building hotel buildings), but a couple of minutes’ walk from the beach.

The advantage of this format: is 5-star service, from the shuttle bus to the butler, no worries about maintaining the house, the ability to rent through a hotel operator, and earning 4-6% of the villa’s price annually.

Benefits of buying property in Pattaya

Real estate in Thailand, particularly in Pattaya, is full of variety. You can buy housing both in the primary and in the secondary market. Apartments on the primary market have a low cost, which grows as buildings are built. The choice in this niche is great, and you can buy several apartments simultaneously and make a profitable redevelopment. In addition, there is a flexible schedule of settlements with the developer, and installment plans are provided.

Buying real estate in the secondary housing market has two significant advantages: the buyer sees what he is buying and can move in immediately after completing all the necessary documents. The cost here is higher than in the primary housing market, and installment plans are unavailable. 

What are the benefits of buying a home in Pattaya?

  • the resort city attracts tourists all year round, so you can successfully rent out the acquired property;
  • each buyer can use the help of competent sales agents to complete a fair transaction;
  • to purchase real estate, you need to open an account in a Thai bank, and payment transactions are carried out promptly;
  • The cost of real estate here is quite democratic. Prices start at $77,000;
  • in 80% of transactions, a deposit is required from the buyer. Thus, the buyer confirms the seriousness of his intentions in the course of the transaction and feels interested on the part of the seller;
  • Pattaya has a wonderful climate and low prices for goods.


Investing in Pattaya real estate is a good solution for enterprising foreigners. Real estate in Pattaya is a godsend for those who want to radically change their lives and go towards white sand and warm sea. Those potential buyers who wish to buy property for rent will receive a stable high profit annually. For any information you can you use the https://thailand-real.estate/ website.